Areas of Practice

The McGuinness firm concentrates its practice in trial and appellate litigation.

Law Enforcement Liability. Advice, counsel, and litigation of all types of claims involving law enforcement activities including injury and death claims, high risk operations, arrests, seizures, vehicle pursuits, use of force, professional standards, internal affairs, personnel disputes, ethical issues, and related problems. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal law enforcement litigation. The firm undertakes comprehensive research, analysis, and consulting for the law enforcement profession and counsel handling law enforcement and related litigation.

Constitutional and Civil Rights. Advice, counsel and prosecution of claims against governmental agencies for various types of misconduct including employment disputes, law enforcement claims, permit matters, firearms law, licensing and contract disputes, and related problems.

Employment and Labor Relations. Advice, counsel and representation before employment and labor related administrative agencies, state and federal trial and appellate litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, and compliance advice for small businesses. The firm is frequently consulted by counsel involved in public sector employment litigation involving constitutional issues.

Personal Injury Claims. Automobile accidents, products liability, professional liability, insurance claims, defamation, and wrongful death litigation. The firm has extensive experience in the prosecution of major personal injury claims.

Administrative Law. Representation in occupational and professional licensing disputes, land use and zoning disputes, legislative advocacy, environmental litigation and related matters.

Business Law. Representation in traditional business disputes including contracts, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and related matters.

Criminal Defense. Mr. McGuinness occasionally provides defense of criminal charges in both state and federal courts. He represented Mr. Edwards in Vincent Edwards v. United States, 66 U.S.L.W. 4293 (May 5, 1998) before the United States Supreme Court.  He is also involved in death penalty litigation.

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